Oct 22

Haunted Ventriloquist Doll Head Seen Blinking, Moving Lips In Creepy Video


Something about ventriloquist dolls makes them really creepy, but one man's took it to a whole new level. His name is Michael Diamond and his doll, which is really just a doll's head, is named Mr. Fritz. Mr. Fritz is believed to have been created by an American ventriloquist while he was a prisoner at a Polish based Stalag in World War 2. Michael was recently given it by a military memorabilia collector and put it in a room where he has several items and curiosities on display. Soon after, he noticed the glass display case the head was in would be open in the morning. To figure out who was responsible, the father of two set up a GoPro camera and was shocked by what he captured. Not only did the cabinet door open on its own, but the doll's eyes blinked and its mouth moved. https://youtu.be/6p3hXH1xBNQ

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  • The guards of a cave in England were amazed when they discovered that what they thought was graffiti was, in fact, hundreds of centuries-old markings intended to ward off evil spirits. The creepy cave is said to be part of the Creswell Crags limestone gorge in the county of Nottinghamshire. Until recently, local guides had suspected that the litany of symbols crawling on the walls of the cave was only the work of ne'er-do-wells who tried to leave their mark in the cave. However, a couple of explorers who visited the site last year discovered something strange about the writing and indicated that it was apotropaic. These symbols and letters, colloquially known as "witch signs", were used in the 17th and 18th centuries by people trying to ward off evil spirits. The suspicion of the cave dwellers was subsequently confirmed by experts who visited the site and were surprised by the sheer number of markings found there. Source | Disclose.tv
  • A mirror that reportedly belonged to Captain Edward John Smith is expected to fetch over $12,000. The historic keepsake was left on the captain's dressing table at his home in Stoke-on-Trent, England when the ill-fated vessel embarked on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic back in 1912. It was later taken by one of his servants - a maid named Ethelwynne - in leiu of the wages she was owed. According to a letter penned by her sister-in-law Hilda however, the mirror had taken on something of a life of its own and the captain's image would often appear in the glass. "She [Ethelwynne] always spooked me when she said that at times, she could still see Captain Smith's face in it on the anniversary of when the Titanic was sunk," Hilda wrote. The mirror is set to be sold for a sizable sum at Richard Winterton Auctioneers in December. "The last time Captain Edward John Smith saw his own noble, bearded visage before leaving home to take the helm of the Titanic was possibly in this very mirror," said auctioneer Richard Winterton. "Even with one's feet firmly on land and in the sunshine of a clear afternoon, there is something otherworldly about seeing your own reflection in such an object." Source: myjoyonline.com
  • This isn't the first ghost sighting at the Pfister Facing the Brewers as an opposing pitcher can be pretty scary, and it doesn't help when you see a ghost in your hotel room the night before your start. In an Instagram post from his room at the Pfister Hotel Wednesday night, Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez says he experienced just that.  The video shows Martinez in a hotel room with other members of his team there to console him, including outfielders Marcell Ozuna and Tommy Pham and catcher Franciso Pena. Describing what happened, a rough translation of the video indicates Martinez says "a ghost has appeared right here in the room." The caption also mentions how he "can't sleep alone" because of the "ghost in my room." The video is in Spanish, but it isn't hard to tell that Martinez is a little frightened. It may only get worse for him as he takes the mound Thursday night against the Brewers. The Pfister is notorious for its haunted past, and other athletes staying there have reported supernatural presences as well. In 2016, then- Agnels player Ji-Man Choi said "a spirit lingered" in his bed. ESPN the Magazine published an article in 2013 detailing ghost sightings at the hotel from numerous players, including Bryce Harper, Brandon Phillips and Giancarlo Stanton. Source WTMJ
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