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  • An unidentified flying object has been filmed from a mountain overlooking top secret US air base Area 51. Hikers scaled Tikaboo Peak in Navada to overlook the secretive base which is thought to be where the latest aircraft technology is tested.   Speculators claim the mysterious US Air Base has been closed down - but YouTuber Adventures with Christian captured helicopters, trucks and planes there. And 11 minutes in to his 22-minute video a strange floating white UFO can be seen close to a plane entering a hangar - though it is unlikely to be alien activity. A huge new hangar can also been seen. The largest change to the base in almost ten years, the hangar is 210 feet wide by 250 feet long and very high. One of the HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters, that provides security for Area 51, is also captured flying along the edge of another mountain between Tikaboo Peak and the base itself.  As Christian, who climbed the mountain with his son Sean, edits the video he points out a plane going in to an aircraft hangar. Just seconds later he says 'just saying but that flipping thing is weird. Go back and check it out better' as he places a circle around an object to the left of the hangar.  A white disc appears to hover above the space to the left of to the aircraft hangar as the plane makes its way through the structure before emerging out the other side.  The image is blurry and it is difficult to tell what the white object is and whether it is actually hovering. Another jet is then filmed travelling the opposite way along a runway as Christian says: 'This is very exciting for me.' In another hour long video Christian documents his climb up the mountain and explains his use of rocks and tape to remember his route back. Christian and his son Sean are forced to scale the peak as snow falls down on top of them. And by the time they reach the summit thick clouds block any view. But fast moving winds drag the clouds away and the sky clears up enough for the father son duo to see the air base clearly. And, despite a few issues with a shaky camera, Christian captures trucks moving around and even pans the camera to show other buildings and runways.  During his time at the mountain peak Christian also captures a Janet plane -- used to ferry workers between a special section of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and the base at Groom Lake.  The base was created in April 1955 by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to develop reconnaissance aircraft.  But the US government did not admit to its existence until June 2013 - in a response to a 2005 Freedom of Information request.  The airfield on Groom Lake was first in operation during the Second World War when, in 1942, it was used as Indian Springs Air Force's Auxiliary Field. It began as two unpaved 5000-foot runways.   Though clouded in secrecy the base is thought to still develop CIA high-altitude spy plane technology.  Although conspiracy theorists have claimed it is where alien spaceships are taken if they crash land on earth.  The development of aircraft within Area 51 led to an increased number of reports of UFO sightings as jets began to fly higher than they had in the 1950s.  While commerical jets flew at 20,000 feet, and military jets at 40,000 feet, Lockheed U-2 aircraft flew at 60,000 feet. And when their wings caught the reflection of the sun more people reported UFO sightings to the government. The sightings could be explained but the secrecy of the U-2 project meant those who reported seeing UFOs were never told.  Christian often explores the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) and also climbed Mount Tikaboo last year to see the site.  His video shows a weather station installed near Tikaboo's summit that may also serve as remote surveillance. It is thought cameras capture any observers on the peak who might see clandestine flight test operations. And when they are seen it has been claimed operations may be postponed to avoid prying eyes getting a glimpse in to CIA projects. Despite seeing runways and hangars many of Area 51's operations are thought to occur underground - although a hidden railway system has been denied.  Christian said: 'Area 51 from Tikaboo Peak the base is very active. A great look into Area 51 just as the snow stopped.  'I never wanted to go on Tikaboo Peak or the mountain I found myself on last year. To get the best video, and pictures of Area 51 out there it's about me laying my eyes on the base, and getting my own video, and pictures.  'I do feel the weather had a lot to do with the great shots I was able to get. Between the snowstorms, and clouds the base would just illuminate long enough for me to film, and take pictures.'    By EMER SCULLY FOR MAILONLINE
  • The U.S. Navy has drafted a procedure to investigate and catalogue reports of unidentified flying objects coming in from its pilots. But the service doesn't expect to make the information public, citing privileged and classified reporting that is typically included in such files. Joe Gradisher, a spokesman for the office of the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, said in a statement that the Navy expects to keep the information it gathers private for a number of reasons. "Military aviation safety organizations always retain reporting of hazards to aviation as privileged information in order to preserve the free and honest prioritization and discussion of safety among aircrew," Gradisher said. "Furthermore, any report generated as a result of these investigations will, by necessity, include classified information on military operations." He added, "Therefore, no release of information to the general public is expected." The Navy's recent decision to draft formal guidelines for pilots to document encounters with unexplained aerial phenomena comes after the revelation in late 2017 that the Pentagon ran a secret "UFO" office that spent $22 million over five years to collect and analyze "anomalous aerospace threats." Funding for the office, known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP, officially ended in 2012, though operations continued. Among other things, the program resulted in the release of footage from the cockpit cameras of military aircraft, which appeared to document oval-shape vessels that resemble flying Tic Tacs. Reports of curious sightings from military aircraft aren't new. During World War II, Allied military pilots witnessed unexplained objects and fireballs that they dubbed "foo fighters." A number of official government investigations looked into such phenomena in the postwar period. Now, the Navy has agreed to a more formalized process for cataloguing and investigating reports from pilots, a decision welcomed by former U.S. officials who want the military to take the matter seriously and remove the stigma in the armed forces of reporting such incidents. Even though the Navy indicated that it has no plans in the imminent future to release the data, unclassified portions of the information or broad overviews of the findings could come out, according to Luis Elizondo, an intelligence officer who ran AATIP before leaving the Pentagon. "If it remains strictly within classified channels, then the 'right person' may not actually get the information. The right person doesn't necessarily mean a military leader. It can be a lawmaker. It can be a whole host of different individuals," Elizondo said. For example, in the future, the Navy theoretically could release broad statistics about the number of sightings and the results of the follow-up investigations without disclosing any classified information. Even if the information isn't made available to the public, it could be reported to Congress. Frustrated that a potential security threat wasn't receiving the attention and funding he thought it deserved, Elizondo left the Pentagon in 2017 and joined a startup that promotes UFO research for scientific and entertainment purposes. The organization is collaborating on a six-part History Channel series due out this month that will explore Elizondo's work on the issue. In a conversation with The Washington Post, Elizondo praised the Navy for changing its policy and taking a public stance and credited lawmakers on Capitol Hill for beginning to take the matter seriously. He said he expects the effort to lead to more information gathering and sharing at the Pentagon and ultimately a better understanding of the "enigma" reported by military pilots. There is no agreed-upon explanation for some of the sightings reported to AATIP. Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in Mountain View, California, said that regardless of the explanation, it's positive that the military is collecting more information, because it could lead to a relevant discovery about technological equipment or activity by a potential adversary. "Of course, it's a good thing," Shostak said. "Get more information. It costs a little bit of money, but not very much money. These days, you do worry - are the Chinese doing reconnaissance, are the Russians doing reconnaissance, on military activity?" Shostak cautioned that sightings of unidentified objects, which military pilots have been reporting for decades, could have a more earthly explanation than activity by an extraterrestrial civilization. "If they are here, if they are sailing the skies, you have got to say - they are really great house guests," Shostak said. "They never kill anybody . . . they don't even delay the flights out of Reagan." Paul Sonne, The Washington Post
  • Hi All, I have some lecture excerpts that you might be interested in. It's from a Buddha Master from the Falun Dafa school of QiGong. A very high level cultivation technique that is very righteous and powerful: http://www.falundafa.org I recommend checking this out, especially the book 'Zhuan Falun': http://falundafa.org/eng/eng/p.....n-2018.pdf Wow what a read, it covers so many things, from the mysteries of the microcosm to the macrocosm, other dimensions, the soul, ancient prehistory, supernatural latent abilities, chi, gong energy and so many other things. This practice is also being severely persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party with practitioners being sent to concentration camps, tortured, there organs sold on the black market and killed: http://en.minghui.org/cc/1/ http://en.minghui.org/cc/8/ In these following lecture excerpts, the founder of Falun Dafa, Mr Li hongzhi spells out the Alien Agenda that is upon this earth and it's implications to humanity as a whole. The rest of the lectures that have been given around the world can be found here: http://www.falundafa.org/eng/books.html Also Mr Li Hongzhi has been interviewed by Time Asia, another fascinating read: http://content.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2053761,00.html But in closing, here are the lecture excerpts on the Alien Agenda that is taking place on our planet, I hope you will find them of interest. Quote: “Let me first explain what alien beings are all about. You know that this Earth isn’t the only planet with life in this universe, and Earth hasn’t existed just this once. I’m saying that at Earth’s position there were Earths that existed before. Those previous Earths were discarded. Some exploded. It happened many times—the number has been quite large. The final stage of an Earth has always been a time when its lives were the most corrupt and its matter was the most impure, so the Earth could no longer be kept. It would be eliminated since the whole sphere had turned into a ball of karma. The reason is, lives reincarnate . They reincarnate into soil, rocks, plants or matter, and regardless of what they are reborn as, they carry karma with them . Earth would become a ball of karma when karma was all over the place, so at that point it would be eliminated. There would still be some people on Earth who were relatively good, and those exceptionally few or extremely few ones were taken and placed onto another planet within the Three Realms. Yet through the ages this Earth has been replaced innumerable times and each time there were people who remained. So over time those remaining lives increased in number. The gods in each time period created humans with a different appearance, so the differences are quite substantial, and there are some who were created on other planets. These are alien beings. They’ve become like a record of history , placed there like a page of history left behind . That’s the function they serve, a minor one. They were left behind from the final stage of Earth during those times, and took with them the technology they had in those times over to other planets, so their starting point was more advanced. Over this long period of time, the knowledge of the universe they came to grasp far exceeds that of the inhabitants of today’s Earth. Their bodies can enter other dimensions and adjust to the mode of those dimensions they are in; they’ve developed to this stage. Those things they ride in that fly back and forth—those aircraft that human beings call flying saucers—can enter other dimensions and fly into other space-times. If they travel in a fast space-time, after being there for just a short while they traverse a long distance. So that speed is inconceivable to human beings. The types of fuel they use aren’t in the least the kinds of substances conceivable by the technology, theories, or concepts of modern science. Over the ages, these alien beings have continually been developing and metamorphosing. So in this universe there have really appeared the abnormal social relations that these kinds of lives have. Greed and lust have caused something like star wars to actually happen over where they live. They haven’t yet threatened humankind because humankind doesn’t have the ability to pose a threat to them . So they haven’t attacked humankind. They would attack humankind if you were to threaten them. Although alien beings haven’t attacked humankind, they know that a human body is the most perfect. They’ve thus taken a fancy to the human body and want to steal it. They saturate all domains of humankind with science to make human beings firmly believe in science and rely on it. When human beings ’ thoughts and way of existence are completely assimilated to theirs, they just have to replace people’s souls and humans will become them, and they will eventually replace the human race. It’s a long story. They have been coming here full-scale since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in the West. They had come prior to that time, but they didn’t control people then. Their full-scale arrival began when Caucasian society entered the industrial age. They made full preparations and systematic arrangements for occupying this earth. It was they who created science for human beings . So this science was set up by aliens. Their purpose was to unify human beings and simplify their thoughts to the point of being as uniform as machines. And they unified knowledge to make it easy for them to later on control and replace human beings. Furthermore, they’ve chosen a few nationalities as the vanguards of their future, total control of humankind. Japan is the vanguard that drives technology. The United States is the vanguard in breaking away from all ancient cultures on earth. The cultures of even the most ancient and closed-off nations haven’t been able to escape. The whole world is being impacted by America’s modern culture. England was the vanguard in the manufacture of machinery during the early stages, and Spain was the vanguard for mixing the human races. The way alien beings get human beings to shake free of the gods is to mix the races, causing human beings to become rootless people, just like the plant hybrids people make nowadays. South Americans, Central Americans, Mexicans and some people in South East Asia— all of these races have been mixed. None of this can evade the gods’ eyes. Alien beings have made rather extensive preparations for overtaking human beings. Everyone who know s how to operate a computer has been registered. Of course, our students don’t have this problem. Once you obtain the Fa, I clean up that layer of your body that’s been occupied by them. They have formed a layer of their body within the human body. It’s incredibly frightening! Everything people learn from elementary school right up through college is the science they brought , and everything that human beings use nowadays is the product of this omnipresent science. Why do the inspirations people get make computers and technology develop with such tremendous speed? It’s done by that layer of the body that alien beings formed so as to control the human race. It’s exactly because that system of their technology and science that has formed in the human body is making people’s minds do so. Today it’s incredible how developed computers are. But it is not a human technology. Man will be replaced by alien beings if it continues like this for long. But think about it, everyone: Alien beings are, after all, beings within the Three Realms, where ordinary humans are. There are other reason s why they dare to do this sort of thing. It has happened because the Fa of the universe has deviated and gods no longer look after things. So it has to do with high-level beings as well. If this situation is to be turned around, it has to begin from high levels. That’s because they have this idea that human beings are no longer any good, their morality has degenerated, and everything is perverted. So they think it’s all right to just replace them , given that they are going to be eliminated all the same. They have to pay for all of the bad things they’ve done, for sure. The principles of this universe are absolutely reasonable toward any life. So they have to answer for everything they’ve done. As for how their lives will eventually be dealt with, alien beings definitely won’t exist in the future. If there are truly good ones among the alien beings, then their lives can reincarnate as other lives. Bad lives will be eliminated. So everything that every being does positions himself for the future . And that includes all human beings. Whatever a human being does positions him. That’s the situation as far as alien beings go. They are being swept out up there, and they found out about the cleaning, so they scurried over here, and in particularly large numbers in recent years. As of right now, most of the alien beings who have come here did so fleeing for their lives. They knew that in the end it would be hard for them to escape, so some alien beings have married Earth dwellers. But it’s not that they marry legitimately, because no one would marry them. They catch a village woman to leave behind their offspring. And there are those who are hiding among ordinary people. They can’t stay under cover no matter how they hide. Immense gong is coming up from the microscopic level. Whether it be steel, iron, wood, the human body, water, rocks, air, plants, animals, substances, etc., from the microscopic level of everything gong is coming up toward the surface. Tell me, where could they escape to? The gong is omnipresent and rushing up to the surface . So they’ve seen that there is no way to dodge it or to hide from it. How do they exist? The y aren’t actually possessing spirits. But some of them have assumed man’s appearance and walk the streets . You have no idea who they are. Some have hidden and don’t come out. But the number is now small, very small. In the past they could hide , and their flying saucers could fly up and go to another dimension. But the other dimensions have all been cleaned up. Immense gong is rushing here and they can no longer hide. They can only hide in a cave or at the bottom of the sea in this dimension. Even so, they can’t stay concealed. Anyway, that’s the problem they face . All lives are positioning themselves in this affair. You should know that although alien beings brought their science to human beings to achieve their goals, gods are in charge of everything and are in turn using them.” Quote: “Having seen many movies, having read many imaginative stories, and having been influenced by a lot of things in society, people have developed a warped mindset that indulges in fantasy. You asked how to communicate with intelligent beings. Let me tell you all that an ordinary person can’t do that sort of thing, and he lacks the ability. If you could indeed communicate with intelligent beings but weren’t a cultivator yourself and were without energy, you would be in danger. You might lose your life any moment. Besides, you would see gruesome spirits but no high-level beings, for your level would be too low and limited to only that of humans. So it would be a terrifying situation. It’s even more terrifying if you want to communicate with living beings beyond Earth. Lives beyond Earth are just lives on other planets within this physical dimension that our human eyes can perceive. Yet those lives don’t regard people as human beings. They think people are beasts, a kind of animal. They slaughter people at will and experiment on you at will. They kidnap people to their planets, lock them in cages, and put them on display as animals. Many of Earth’s people who have gone missing were taken by them. I can also tell you that today’s human science was created by them. Why have those aliens created for humans something like the current science? It’s because what they have on their planet is akin to it. They want to bring it to this planet and eventually replace humans. They found that the human body is really perfect, flawless. So they covet the human body and want to eventually replace humans. They have added their things into one layer of human beings’ molecular cells. That’s already been done now and it has formed on a large scale. So for me to save you today, I not only have to remove all the attachments and karma that you need to eliminate, but I also have to clean up this stuff for you. The road humankind is travelling down is dreadful. Computers would have commanded people one day. Ongoing developments have conformed to this trajectory. Humans were to become the slaves of computers and machinery, and eventually be replaced by aliens. Why have computers developed so quickly, and why has the human brain suddenly become so “sharp”? All of this has been carried out by aliens controlling the human mind. Aliens have registered everyone who knows how to operate a computer. For real. As to our students, I’ve cleaned all of that up for them, so that they won’t be interfered with by aliens when they use computers. Why are there aliens? Some aliens originate from their planets. Why do some aliens always come to Earth? It’s because they were once humans on Earth. But it wasn’t the Earth of our time. It was the previous Earth that existed at the same location as this Earth. Earth has been replaced many times. Each time it was replaced, there was a portion of lives—living beings created by gods with different appearances, some of whom were similar to today’s humans, some of whom had different forms who were relatively good at the time and were thus preserved. They weren’t destroyed, yet they weren’t allowed to enter the period of human development on the next Earth, either. So they were sent to another planet. That’s how it was done every time. Also, it has left a record of this universe, for they were humans on Earth in different time periods. It serves that purpose. But due to a slackening in overseeing them, they have developed, and they have created all kinds of scientific methods according to their schemes; some are like the kind on our earth, some assume other forms, and there are a variety of modes of development. Of course, they don’t use the term “science.” The names they use belong to their languages and concepts. These things have deteriorated further and further. And with the deviation of the cosmos’ Great Fa, the aliens have become worse and worse too. That’s why all aliens are in the process of being completely eliminated. They are being eliminated throughout the entire universe. At present, those up there have been eliminated. What’s left are only those who have escaped to Earth, who are mingling among people or who have attached to human bodies. And there are other types too.” Quote: “As you know, modern science was brought to mankind by aliens. They came when the Industrial Revolution began in the West. They started with mathematics and chemistry—started from the shallow, simple knowledge of the earliest days—and penetrated on through to modern machinery, and eventually they developed up to today’s computers. As development continues further their ultimate goal will be to replace human beings. How is the replacement to take place? As I mentioned, in the body of today’s human beings almost everyone has a layer of the body that was created by aliens. Why do I say that? It’s because all of the science that they instilled in you has created a warped human mindset in your mind. There have never been humans like this in any of mankind’s previous civilizations. When the mind is like that, so is the body. As you know, every cell in your body is you, and your brain is connected to the brain in every cell. In that case, the thought processes inside the countless cells in your body are all the thoughts of warped human beings, and the entire body has become like that. This ties into why gods no longer regard man as human. When mankind is no longer human, what is the point of gods’ saving it? You know that when a person dies, he doesn’t really die. The shell of the layer of the largest molecular particles sloughs off, whereas the part of the body composed of microcosmic particles below molecules hasn’t died. It is separated, as if a person takes off a piece of clothing. It isn’t really dead. Yet the person in this dimension has vanished, since the body needs to be cremated or buried and it will eventually decompose and dissolve. It has departed from this dimension; that is, this layer of particles has disappeared. Then, as to the alien culture that I was just talking about, it is precisely using man’s own thinking to create the bodily layer that it needs, and it is doing so without man being aware of it. How will they ultimately replace human beings, then? You know that they still have to find a way to replace the shell of the outermost surface of human beings. This is the method of “cloning” that man now wants to use. Gods look after people, and when they don’t look after someone, they won’t instill the elements of life into that person. This is to say, the reason you are alive in this world is not that you have this flesh body, nor is it because your mother gave you this body that you are alive. It is because you have your main spirit (yuanshen) and the existence of all of your other spirits (shen) that you can live. Why doesn’t a person keep living after he dies and the body is laid down there, since it’s the same body after all? It’s because all of his main spirits have left. That is, if a person isn’t given a spirit and isn’t allowed to reincarnate at the time of birth, he will still be dead after he is born. So what will happen? Aliens will enter. This is the ultimate means that aliens will use to replace man— that is, cloning humans. Man is being used by aliens to destroy himself, yet he is not aware of it and is still protecting this science, destroying the human race. If humans are cloned en masse in the future, those beings will all be aliens that have reincarnated in human bodies, and there will be no more human race.” Quote: "I’ve told you before that because of alien science and technology, one layer of the human body, one of the human body’s layers of particles, has been placed fully under the control of aliens. It consists entirely of alien planets’ elements, including numbers, mechanical structures, electronic components, and so on. It consists of that stuff. And those things are continually creating a warped effect. The large-scale modern industries brought about by science have impacted many low-level dimensions in the cosmos. In my Fa-rectification I’ve found that quite a large layer of the cosmos has been contaminated by those things. And those warped things have had a considerably large resisting effect in the Fa-rectification."
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