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Updated: Dec 3, 2018

We are rolling out some changes and improvements to ParaBox starting today. Below you will find an outline of these changes and maybe a hint or two at what you can look forward to in 2019.

Here is what we’ve been working on:

1. Starting with December’s ParaBox our monthly t-shirt will still consist of a paranormal theme and will continue to contain a hidden password that will be needed to unlock that theme’s page. Once the theme page is unlocked is where you will find a few differences from past boxes. On this page you will find more information on that subject, as well as clues that will lead you to another paranormal theme, you will be asked to submit answers to questions of what paranormal location or theme these clues, ciphers, riddles are pointing to. There will be additional bonus questions as well. The correct location or theme that we will hint at will be the the subject of the next month's ParaBox. Correct entries will still be entered into our monthly raffle for free ParaBox merchandise.

2. We are now offering a digital membership in addition to our t-shirt subscriptions. This $5 monthly digital membership does not include a t-shirt and is geared more to the puzzle solvers. The plan will allow subscribers access to a digital download of our monthly artwork in the form of high resolution files that can be used as wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device. It also allows users access 3 clues. Everything else works the same as our t-shirt subscriptions, you will just be searching for your password on our digital files instead of a t-shirt. Correct entries are entered into our monthly raffle. For our digital membership subscription click here for more information.

3. We now have a very limited supply of our past t-shirts available for purchase. These shirts come with a content card as well. You can browse our inventory of items by clicking here.

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*No purchase necessary to be entered into our monthly drawing. To enter, send us an postcard to ParaBox Monthly | PO Box 8476, Mesa, AZ 85214-8476. 

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