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The Backrooms is a popular internet urban legend and creepypasta that describes a surreal and unsettling alternate reality. According to the legend, the Backrooms are a series of endless, monotonous, and poorly-lit yellow hallways, filled with old, decaying wallpaper, stained carpets, and flickering fluorescent lights. It is said to be an infinite maze-like network of rooms, devoid of any exit or logic.


The story goes that those who find themselves in the Backrooms have somehow glitched out of reality and are trapped in this strange, nonsensical world. It is believed that the Backrooms exist between the layers of reality and are accessible through various means, such as getting lost in a building or glitching through a computer simulation.

The Backrooms are said to be inhabited by mysterious entities known as "Horrors" or "Entities" that lurk in the dark corners. These creatures are described as nightmarish beings, and encounters with them are said to be terrifying and life-threatening.

The legend of the Backrooms has captured the imagination of many internet users, leading to the creation of various fan fiction, artwork, and even video games centered around this concept. It has become a popular subject in online communities interested in horror, paranormal phenomena, and alternate realities.

While the Backrooms are purely a work of fiction and an internet meme, the concept has gained significant traction and continues to intrigue those who enjoy exploring the eerie and unsettling aspects of the internet folklore.

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