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About ParaBox

Our paranormal t-shirts are quite unique. You're not going to find any other tees that are quite this amazing. Our designs are silk-screened onto a soft-style tee that's super comfortable. Great care goes into not only the designs but also the printing. They're sure to become your favorite t-shirt, and expect to be asked where you got it.

Brain Bending Puzzles

From the moment you open your ParaBox, you'll be so engrossed by the t-shirt you'll forget there is a puzzle built into it. Each shirt contains a secret password. It can be in the form of codes, ciphers, riddles, numbers, images or other hidden gems. Have fun exploring the design and putting the pieces together to figure out where to go next.

Family Friendly

Sometimes our subject matter is a little on the spooky side. But then what do you expect for the paranormal? We all enjoy the mysteries of the unknown and we'll make sure our content won't be offensive or in bad taste to our subscribers. ParaBox is suitable for all ages, however some of our puzzles may need the touch of a more experienced helper.

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