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If I’m listening to the Keycode Initiations for the first time should I listen to them in order?

The Keycode Initiations were designed to build upon one another in sequential order, and it is recommended that you read or listen to them in this way for the first time. However, once you have journeyed through all 8 Initiations you may return to any of them, in any order, to receive next-level downloads from their activations.

Is it possible to mess anything up when listening to the Keycode Initiations?

No. Relax into listening and receiving the living transmission that is here to support your spiritual awakening with grace. Your Higher Self is guiding you in what you are ready to receive from these recordings. “The Sophia Code is my living transmission for revealing the master within you to your own consciousness. It creates a quantum space for you to witness your free will commanding the activation and embodiment of your own divine genome. Your awareness doesn’t have to understand how or why this living transmission is awakening your DNA to receive its downloads.” —Sophia, The Sophia Code, Pg. 8

How fast can I go through The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations®?

These are powerful recordings that inspire deep personal transformation. We always suggest invoking your own Higher Self’s guidance for how to pace yourself with these recordings. There is no need to rush, everything is unfolding with divine timing as you feel led to work with the Keycode Initiations. Creating time to appreciate what’s positively shifting for you throughout this journey supports your spiritual integration. “As in any arc of educational growth, cycles of integration are essential for taking in new information, releasing old belief systems, and adjusting to live at the edge of your capacity for accelerated personal transformation.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. xxii

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