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4XL size is Charcoal Grey


From the moment you open your ParaBox order, you'll be so engrossed by the t-shirt you'll forget there is a puzzle built into it. Each softstyle tee shirt contains a secret password. It can be in the form of codes, ciphers, riddles, numbers, images or other hidden gems. Have fun exploring the design and putting the pieces together to figure out where to go next. Each shirt comes with a content card. The shirt & card will contain clues to finding the hidden password for use on our website. Enter the correct password to move on to our main challenge. Solve it correctly and be entered into our drawing for free merchandise! 


  • Clues and mysteries to solve
  • Monthly drawings for puzzle solvers
  • Limited Edition Soft Style T-Shirt
  • Mysterious Paranormal Topics
  • Fun activity for individuals, groups or families


For sizing information, please visit our FAQ page at:

Philadelphia Experiment Tee

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